• Unbiased Infinite Scenario; Restaurant (Working Title) [started 4/6/13 (put on hold until I can finish requests)]

• Zelo, he’s crushing on an idol noona from YG who likes him back and she’s 2 years older than him too -anonymous (started 6/14/14)
oh the weather outside is frightful


As I think you all have noticed, I’m quite the night owl (most of my scenarios are written, completed, and posted during the A.M.), and since I can’t sleep tonight, the request page and theme have been updated! Please check it out~ Also, I’ve moved the “Works In Progress” portion of the request list page to the little snowflake on my blog; just hover to check if your request has been started. (sorry for all of you that are on mobile ;; )

It’s nice to see the request list shrinking, isn’t it? Five more scenarios to go and requests will be open again! It sounds pretty overwhelming but at the same time it relieves me that the number of requests I have left is much smaller than what it was before~


-Admin Nicole

Gift (CNU)

Hello, my snowflakes! I’m done with finals for the most part and I can resume writing! I tried to kill two birds with one stone, so this one is for the two anons who requested CNU! Request is at the bottom like always, enjoy!



That was the initial thought going through your head once you picked up the plastic stick and saw a line with another one crossing over it. Just barely, though. You told yourself it was a mistake as you practically tore apart your bedroom for an outfit.

It had to be a mistake, right?

There was no way. You probably just looked at it wrong or were looking at it too closely. Yeah, it had to be an error; when you glanced back at it again, you could barely see the second line, or at least you convinced yourself that it had magically disappeared.

Hurrying out the door (though it wasn’t like anyone was rushing you besides yourself), you made your way to the corner store across the street. Heading to the aisle that sold condoms and whatnot, you scrolled your eyes across to the pregnancy test section of the shelf and picked the three pack of the most expensive variety with a sigh. You had reasoned with yourself on the way that expensive equals accurate. Trying not to reveal your cherry red cheeks to the cashier as you paid, you quickly hurried back to your apartment once you heard the timid teenager working the register mutter a “congratulations” at you.


Three tests and three positive symbols later, you were totally blank. A baby wasn’t going to be the end of your life, but you were more concerned about how Shinwoo would react. The both of you only got married not two months ago and you were already pregnant.

You tapped your chin with your cell phone, hesitating to call him.

Or, maybe it was better to tell him in person.

Or, maybe it was better to not tell him at all.

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Fuse (Himchan)

Who would’ve thought? Not 24 hours after I posted my last update saying I’d be gone for a while and a scenario’s being put out, how crazy is that? This is Himchan for anonymous, request is at the bottom like always, enjoy!


It was inevitable, but you didn’t expect the event to come along so soon, and, of course, not this particular group.

B.A.P having a performance at your college, you meant.

Unfortunately, you were stuck in class for a large chunk of the time the group would be performing. Listening to your professor drone on and on just made you tired. You hoped he’d still be there once you were done half paying attention and half day dreaming.

Once class was dismissed, you tried your hardest to wriggle your way through the crowd forming around the door without pushing anybody. After a powerful shove from a particularly enthusiastic BABY in your class, you were outside. He stood there before you with a bright yellow “visitor” sign pinned over his sweater.

"Hey, how did you know what class I’d be in? You weren’t stalking me, were you?" You joked, smiling shyly at him and trying your hardest not to look like too much of a geek with all your school gear. You silently thanked the heavens that you didn’t spill or drop any food or beverage on your outfit today, as you were usually clumsy.

"Maybe, or maybe I got a tip from one of your friends as to where you were?" Himchan smiled at you. Unfolding his hands from behind his back, he opened his arms out for a hug, which you gladly returned.

"Why are you here? Don’t you have schedules later on?" You asked, breaking free from his firm embrace. 

"I specifically requested that we have the rest of the day off. The other members are doing their own thing, and I get to see you! Oh, I hope you’re not busy or anything… oops, I guess I should have thought this through." Furrowing his eyebrows, Himchan rubbed the back of his neck while looking down at the ground.

You really had a boring day planned; if you weren’t able to see B.A.P, you’d be studying, sleeping, eating, and browsing the internet, but since you liked messing around with Himchan, you decided to lie to him and to see his reaction.

"Um, actually, I do have plans. With one of my guy friends."

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I’m sorry, my little snowflakes! School’s been hectic and I’ve been trying to get my grades up recently (I just finished homework and if you can see the time of this post, it’s four a.m. on a Monday morning). Though I do regularly feel guilt for not posting for you guys, I hope you understand that I remember that this blog exists and I remember the requests; school’s not something that just goes away. Finals are coming up so I have to work like crazy until they’re done. Honestly speaking, even if I did have the time to update, I really don’t have much energy to do anything besides sleeping, eating, watching dramas or browsing Twitter. I know it’s the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” speech and all, but I really just have kind of lost interest in things besides dramas and shows, mostly because I don’t have to use any brain cells when watching them, haha.

I’ll be back, this is not a goodbye, okay?

-Admin Nicole

Laze (Suho)

Suho for anonymous! Prompt’s at the bottom. I promised myself I’d have this out by tonight, so here it is. I’ll start more requests tomorrow, I have a pretty chill week ahead of me~


"Mmm, guess what?" Suho’s happy voice rang over the line. You smiled to yourself. You always appreciated your phone calls with your boyfriend, and you loved how he always found time to call you and chat about his day, no matter how exhausted he was. Rubbing away the sleepiness in your eyes, your hand instinctively moved to cover your mouth, as though he could hear your grin. It was three in the morning, but it didn’t matter to you. Learning to adapt to his schedules, you were never annoyed when your boyfriend called you; no matter the time or how busy you were, you always picked up.

"What?" Yawning, you stretched out your arms and legs on your bed, pulling up your duvet with one hand, crawling completely under. Every part of your body was underneath except your head, even both of your hands. You’d gotten too lazy to hold the phone for long periods of time and took advantage of the speaker button.

"I have a day off tomorrow! We can finally go out on a date again." You shot awake, your eyes widening as all the tiredness in your body faded away. "Really?" Practically yelling it over the phone, you heard a shush in the background from the other line.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, forgot it was nighttime. Apologize to whoever that was for me, mm? It’s raining really hard through tonight and tomorrow, though, and there might even be thunderstorms, is it really a good idea…?" Your voice trailed off as all the plans that came rushing through your head disappeared one by one.

"Why not? I want to spend my free day with you jagi," Suho whined with a high-pitched aegyo voice, something you never thought you’d hear from EXO’s guardian and leader. A shush again, and a puking sound in the background. Another shush, this time from Suho. You heard him whisper annoyedly, "Guys, come on." You giggled.

"Alright, alright, I guess I could come over to the dorm for a movie marathon or some other indoor activity. It’s not far of a drive and I don’t need to take the freeway, so I can easily avoid any traffic." You nodded to yourself.

"Other indoor activity, hm?" Practically hearing the smirk in his voice, you covered up your face with your blanket and kicked around.

"Seriously! I didn’t mean that and you know it. I’m mad at you now.” You made a “hmph” sound and covered your mouth to stop your laughter.

"Sure you’re mad at me. See you tomorrow." You heard a hushed laugh and another shush, and you ended the conversation with a happy sigh and a quick "tomorrow" before you hung up and fell asleep.


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Anonymous said:
❝ can i request a scenario with infinite woohyun? where he is my boyfriend and i really love his abs (lmao) but i'm too shy to just say "take your shirt off and show me your abs woohyun" so i'm trying to make him to do it but it's fail, and then he realizes what's going on and he teases me about it? thank you <3 ❞

Ah, I’m sorry to say requests are already closed but I’ll add it to the list anyways. I’ll have to finish your request after all the other ones, though, unfortunately! Thanks for requesting~

To all my other readers: this is the last request I’m accepting! If I see anybody else request, I’ll have to remind you to ask again when requests are actually open, please! And remember, first come first serve ♥ Thank you all~

-Admin Nicole

Anonymous said:
❝ Could you make a scenario where you find out you're pregnant with Cnus child, and you don't know how to tell him, but ends up finding out (on his own) anyway ❞

Whoa! I didn’t get a message notification for this, weird. *scratches head* It seems you requested before I closed requests though, so I’ve added it to the list!

-Admin Nicole

[!] Requests have been closed~

Since I’ve only been pumping out one request per weekend, I think it’s best to close requests. There are four pending reader requests at the moment and two of my own I’d like to finish without any more delay, so I’ll be closing up the requests temporarily until I can finish what I’ve got now. Sorry for any inconveniences!


-Admin Nicole

Sweet (Baro, when you’re married)

How’s the weather where you guys are at? It’s raining here in California and I think there’s a cold front going around other parts of the US so I’m glad, it actually feels like winter for once. I’m really liking the gray sky and the smell of rain! Here’s a married life Baro scenario for anonymous! Enjoy~


Hot, hot. You flinched at the steaming water flowing from the sink faucet, deciding to wash with lukewarm water instead to avoid boiling your hands. You weren’t used to hand washing dishes, but you decided it should be a skill a wife should possess.

Ever since you got married, that was your mindset. A good wife should do this, a good wife shouldn’t do that, and so on. You knew your husband probably had high expectations of you, you could tell without him having to say anything. You were planning on having children in the future, and you needed to be prepared for lots of housework and child rearing, so why not start practicing now?

Though you weren’t yet near your thirties, you always thought it would be best to plan ahead.

Reminiscing on the past before your engagement, your thoughts were interrupted abruptly. “You shouldn’t turn the temperature down, hot water is the best for washing dishes!” A familiar, enthusiastic voice squeaked right next to your ear. You jumped, you didn’t even hear him sneak up next to you, but there he was, your husband Baro.

"Gosh, I almost had a heart attack. What are you trying to do?" You focused your eyes back on your dishes, letting out a relieved sigh. Your eyes widened and your face grew pink as Baro wrapped his arms around your waist. Resting his chin on your shoulder, he whispered into your ear.



The thought of children returned to your head. You could feel your cheeks emitting heat and you tried again to focus on the sponge and bowl in your hands, only to notice that you were completely frozen and that the only sound in the whole apartment was the running water, and probably your breathing, which was irregularly paced and a bit louder than usual.

"We need to buy groceries. When you’re done, let’s go out, okay?" Baro smiled teasingly at you as he skipped away to get changed.

You stood for probably five minutes straight blinking at the wall, water still running over your hands.


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Anonymous said:
❝ May I request a Himchan scenario where you make him jealous on purpose by telling him about your interaction with guys at your uni? :) ❞

That sounds cute, aw, a jealous Himchan, haha. Thanks for requesting~


-Admin Nicole